your silver sparked hair is messy

         in that stylish way I can’t pull off

clearly foreign in Shanghai                 moving through the most quotidian of spaces

I see you

can’t tell how old you are

                      all curls, dark perfume

         and earrings...two sparkly swallows taking flight

                                                                               on line 10

I gasp at the giant sapphire ring on your ring finger


you sigh            blink

                                  a rainstorm gathering                turning and turning the band


a woman with crimson lips raises one eyebrow at me

intimating my same questions

did she pass away?                   do you still love them?               are you thinking of leaving him?


                                     but    you    only    see    light    and    blue


& I realize that life is this beautiful woman

                        on a Wednesday train

blind to how an entire world becomes

mesmerized by faceted pain

glinting in the light of the ordinary

About The Author

Nicole Callräm (she/her/她) is a nomadic bureaucrat and disciple of existence in all her life-affirming and confusing manifestations. She adores rideshare bikes, red wine, and Osmanthus flowers (preferably a mix of the three...all at once). Nicole has been published in Full House Literary, Nude Studio, Kissing Dynamite, and Rat's Ass Review. You can find her on Twitter at @YiminNicole.