generational party

on the catacombs i invite

                                             put on your necklaces and put on your trousers
                                             and turn on the zazz we are dancing tonight
                                             my ancestors are ravishing tonight

can you hear their rags
shuffling against each other
on the tombs tonight
                                             it is called a party
                                             and they are trying it for the first time

my sister swings in silk
my mom sweeps in silver
my aunt skips in serge
my grandmother scurries in scandium
                                             we love with no price
                                             excuse the bill time

we don’t mind we bury the patches
we steal from the houses on top of the hill
we don’t mind we call it a zest
we sip and savor from the barrels of rum
                                             until we numb the guts we were given
                                             until our mothers’ hands caress our sides
                                             in ways we cannot name because
                                             we never had them
                                             in apologies we dismiss because there is no
                                             memory for the history of us
on the streets we rage
                                             call the ugly names and cry in the snot
                                             my livings are to allow the dead
                                             one last grace one last wrath
can you hear their haunting voices
striking against the walls as enemies
on the rich fizz of daylight
                                             it is called a dissent
                                             and they are trying it for the first time

About The Author

Clarice Lima is a young bilingual writer and Literature undergraduate based in Brazil. With a lifelong love for stories and all things warm, they mostly want to be kind. Her words can be found published or forthcoming in Riverbed Review, Horse Egg Literary, Violet Indigo Blue, Etc. and elsewhere.