'Cos You Wear It Well

When I met Friendship for the first time, oh the excitement, I just couldn’t get enough of it! It was exactly what I’d been looking for. I tried it on for size and just loved it. So perfect, something new and not tried before. It was thrilling just to wear it. It transformed me – or rather, it made me happier than usual to be myself. It was in every sentence I spoke, every thought I had. Everything was exciting, a discovery.

When Friendship burgeoned and grew, it was sometimes a little less easy to carry around and just slip into at a moment’s notice. It was definitely worn in, but it wasn’t used to being worn for very long and it certainly seemed uncomfortable to be in all day. It had the habit of pinching a little tightly, sometimes its seams chafed soft skin and caused a bit of irritation. But it still had an irresistible pull to be taken out and tried on again and again.

Ah, but now that Friendship is old, it has the shape of me. It’s a wardrobe staple. No need to keep checking to see if it fits or whether it suits me. In fact, it’s so light that I only notice it if I have to check that it has all its buttons. How naked I’d be without it; bare to the world with nothing to protect me from the chill.

About The Author

Pam Knapp lives in the UK’s rolling countryside of the Sussex Downs. Optimism is her greatest asset. She plans to market it as soon as she can find a promoter. Her writing can be found in Green Ink Poetry, Owl Hollow Press and Sledgehammer Lit, and others.