Rainbow Drape*

a flower blooms
in the mustard field
the girl next-door
in a rainbow

NOTE: This five-line poem is a contemporary English-language Tanka. If I may, it refers to the colours of a classical Punjabi Chunri (Dupatta) known for its vibrant colours.


curved bamboo
on the front door


NOTE: This three-line poem is a contemporary English-language Haiku. It has a reference to traditional woodwork patterns in Pakistan, done on both traditional furniture and doors/windows.

*This form of poetry generally doesn’t have titles but titles have been included for readers' and editors' convenience.

About The Author

Spellbound by the magic of words, Zahra is a Haiku poet from Lahore, Pakistan. She started her poetry journey in 2019.  Her verses have been featured in a few international journals of English-language Haiku and Micro-poetry.