Being a Man, Draft IV

My gender is a necktie.
At 10 it was all dictates
from others: teachers, parents
the whole system of school, my
classmates’ understanding of Will
Smith, as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
High School and I was too cool in black
jeans, trenchcoat, and ten-sided dice.
These days, seems no one wears ties.
Now, when I choose, my ties are
for myself. I have amassed
quite a collection.
I like
my ties
knit silk,
raw silk
wool, linen,
stiff cotton,
stiffer silk
dark colors,
muted but,
also, vivid
colors with
flowers, or
with foxes.

About The Author

Matthew Nisinson (he/him) is a proud New Yorker living in Queens, NY with his wife and daughter and their two cats. He studied Latin at Vassar College and earned a J.D. from The George Washington University Law School. Each summer he grows chili peppers. By day he is a bureaucrat. His poetry has or will appear in Ayaskala, en*gendered, and Hyacinth Review. You can find him on Instagram @lepidum_novum_libellum and on Twitter @mnisinson.